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Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson has duck sage advice for kids who are dating, including his very own daughter Sadie, who dynasty currently going steady with boyfriend Blake Coward. And then dynasty captioned it, “Dad – This is my dating advice kids. Not only does Willie have a strong opinion about his kids’ dating lives, but he also feels very passionate about basketball. I mean, everyone’s important,” he said. Of course, your point guard Willie said that his duck works well together because they all know their roles and the youngsters for they make for the whole Robertson team. Willie leads the family business, his brother Jase takes care of the duck calls, while their father Philip started the whole thing. Willie even joked that if his family were a basketball team, they would have mascots called “The Beardies.

Duck Dynasty, Episode 2 Recap: Robertson Family Gives Martin a Makeover

Already into its fourth season, the show revolves around the amiable Robertsons and their family business, Duck Commander. Cameras aside, there is a Silas Merritt Robertson that the world has yet to discover. Si also speaks adoringly of Christine, the love of his life for 43 wonderful years — men, take note.

Cupid’s Pulse: Si Robertson says his wife Christina is not on TV due to her health​. Celebrity Babies; Celebrity Interviews; Relationship Advice.

By Dan Heching For Dailymail. Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson, a father of four boys, has just discovered he’s a father of five — thanks to a DNA test which has led to the discovery of a long lost daughter. The year-old patriarch admitted on Thursday that he recently learned he has a year-old daughter from an affair he had in the Seventies, well after marrying his wife Kay in The pair are still married. Betrayal: The reality star is seen here with his wife Kay in The couple married in and are still together.

But they were also reluctant to divulge the information because the woman’s birthday looked to be after Phil had become a Christian in the s. Former philanderer: When Robertson — who’s admitted to his philandering ways before devoting himself to the church — commented on the matter, mentions of God soon followed. Robertson has in the past admitted to his philandering ways, but said it was before devoting himself to the church.

And when he commented on the matter of his newly discovered daughter on Thursday, mentions of God were not far behind. And when Phil agreed to take a DNA test, it was a ‘

Si Robertson Dating Tips

Meanwhile, Willie is pressured to buy goats at a petting zoo. Phil and the tips hunt a beaver that has damaged a race blind. Meanwhile, Miss Kay decides to open a restaurant. Meanwhile, Miss Kay finds a gator in the yard. The Robertson episodes and tips compete in a samurai cook-off. The tips find a fishing-pong table while cleaning out the Duck Commander warehouse.

Silas Robertson, better known as Uncle Si of Duck Dynasty, was a fan-favorite some of Si’s infamous quirky one-liners, his tall tales, his “sage” advice, Their biggest release to date was Duck the Halls: A Robertson Family.

The couple told ABC News that much to their surprise, then-President Barack Obama asked to meet them backstage and told the “Duck Dynasty” stars he was a big fan of the show, even catching up on episodes while aboard Air Force One. But when Willie Robertson decided to dip his toe into presidential politics last year and throw his support behind Trump, it created quite a stir, and the controversy hit surprisingly close to home.

That was pretty early. Let’s just say that. He’s not polished and he says stuff,” Willie Robertson said. He continued, “That’s what I was most hoping for was that somebody can get in there that can work together. Not just, you know, post up on each side of this thing so, you know, we’ll see. The show, which became the highest-rated reality show in cable TV history, made the Robertsons celebrities and turned their hometown, West Monroe, into a tourist destination. The show began in as a behind-the-scenes look at the sprawling Robertson family, more than one dozen members in all, and their lucrative duck-call business.

‘Duck Dynasty’ stars reveal their ‘guide to a happy marriage’

With Sadie’s Willie’s daughter driver’s license test fast approaching, she finds herself in dire need of lessons. Willie, Jase and Si each set out to correct her glaring failures behind the wheel by teaching her how to drive On the other side of West Monroe, Phil decides to play chaperone to John Luke and his girlfriend, turning their day date on the river into an awkward afternoon of “Phil-osophy. The Duck Commander assembly room gets an unexpected shakeup when a disgruntled Si decides to quit his job.

The Robertson family was once incredibly popular, which is why some may At the time, Uncle Si had landed his own spinoff series, Willie’s.

It was an opportunity to see exactly what happens where you put the Duck Commander guys in a situation where they are basically forced to play the role of Don Juan and hand out romantic advice … and it really does not go very well at all. The premise of this was simple: Martin had to miss poker night because he had a romantic date, and the other guys chose to both harass him and give him advice at the same time.

The best part of the entire story? Seeing Si dress up in some ridiculous Mardi Gras like outfit just to teach Martin etiquette. Si is one of those great reality TV characters, where you never really feel like he is being anything other than himself when the cameras are on, and he gives that personality and dynamic feel to the cast.

As for the other story this week, it was probably our least-favorite kind: One involving the grandchildren. At least there was an interesting story this week of what Phil feels about catching a fish, to what the kids think should be done with it. If you want to see some other highlights, including some videos and also other episode reviews, just be sure to click here.

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How Duck Dynasty is Changing the Waterfowl World

When Duck Dynasty started in , it was a smash hit. So how did it go from a must-watch to getting cancelled? Fox News reported that it was downhill from there, as season 10 premiered to only 1. Both of those stats don’t look great when compared to season 4’s whopping So even though it experienced some high-highs, they weren’t continuing to see much growth.

Check out Uncle Si’s dating find out how you can see a member of the cast in Maine next month!

This year’s breakout television star is a year-old retired Army veteran with an addiction to unsweetened iced tea and a total disdain for shaving. Silas Merritt Robertson, better know as Uncle Si, is a member of the Robertson family from “Duck Dynasty,” a bayou-based reality show breaking broadcasting records. The season premiere two weeks ago drew By comparison, critical darling “Breaking Bad”‘s season premiere drew 5. As of Sunday, family patriarch Phil Robertson’s autobiography “Happy, Happy, Happy” was number 4, and it’s been on the list for 16 weeks.

The newest entry in the family publishing juggernaut arrives this week from Uncle Si: “Si-cology 1” a memoir mid with yarns of varying degrees of veracity, and peppered with Si’s signature tics, aphorisms and malaprops. It ain’t Updike, but it is damn entertaining. Late last week we caught up with Uncle Si, while he was hanging with his nephew Alan Robertson, the newest and lone clean-shaven cast member on “Duck Dynasty.

GQ: Reading the book and learning about all the different things you’ve done in your life, did you ever think you’d be an author, as well? Si: No laughs. Look, I tried to talk them out of this.

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“They’re fixin’ to put lipstick on a bear,” says Uncle Si Courtesy of A+E the guys debate modern ways to meet women and Si defends his dating “I didn’t take any of y’all’s advice, I was just myself,” he says with a shy grin.

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Ducks and bucks continue at A&E as “Duck Dynasty: Season 5” prepares to air

Meet the Robertsons, America’s favourite big, bearded, camo-clad family. Their home is the Louisiana bayou and their business is producing top-line duck calls and decoys made from salvaged swamp wood. Despite their modest lifestyle and homes in the backwoods, this close-knit family has made a fortune by turning a backyard business into a multi-million dollar sporting empire. But for CEO Willie Robertson, running a family operation is tough when all your employees wander from one distraction to another and find any excuse to leave the warehouse.

Willie, Jase and Si each set out to correct her glaring failures behind the wheel by teaching her how to drive Robertson-style. On the other side of West Monroe.

Best extra: All five webisodes are short and focused on one aspect or another of the Season 4 shows. Then off-camera, in an interview with GQ magazine, patriarch Phil Robertson professed his profoundly negative thoughts about homosexuality and racial relations, which didn’t go over so well with many of the American public. The new episodes will debut Jan. In addition to that, Season 4 really doesn’t have any exciting bonus features to report on, only five webisodes and six deleted scenes.

The webisodes deal with why renewing the vows was for Ms. Kay, how Uncle Si helped the love birds sort of stroll down memory lane, what dating advice Uncle Si gave Martin, how lazy Uncle Si and brother Jep are, and how miserable Jase made Willie and family when he had to move in for a short time while work was being done on his own house a tub filled with craw fish and a dead beaver in the kitchen sink topped Jase’s short-lived stay. The Blu-ray video is just what we expect, an abundance of shimmering HD sharpness outperforming cable and satellite reception.

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We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Titled, ” The Robertson Guide to a Happy Marriage ,” the clip features a mixture of lighthearted and serious proclamations about what it takes to achieve matrimonial bliss, opening with “Duck Dynasty” star Jep Robertson quipping that his brothers — Willie and Jase — are “idiots” who “have no clue what real romance is.

Everyday affairs are met by Willie’s growing business ideas, Phil’s fatherly advice, Mrs. Kay’s recipes, Uncle Si’s oddball philosophies and.

On the podcast Unashamed, Phil’s son Alan, 54, said he received a letter from a year-old woman named Phyllis who claimed to be his sister. Al said: “So basically, it was from a woman who said that by a DNA search, she thinks that Dad might be her dad. He said he “dismissed” the letter at first, because the woman’s birthday was after the time Phil became a Christian in the ‘s. Al continued: “Well once we get into that and start looking at it a little more deeply, I’m like, ‘Oh woah, woah He said: “We both concluded, this is not one of those frivolous things we’ve got.

Al went on: “We had to pursue it. I started thinking, there’s a year-old woman out there who doesn’t know who her dad is, and she’s looking. However, neither brother told their dad about the letters until they were absolutely sure Phyllis could be telling the truth. Phil said once they got the positive test result, he wanted to “bring her on down” so they could meet in person.

The Duck Dynasty patriarch added that the Robertson clan has already met Phyllis. They share four adult children – Alan, Jase, Willie, and Jep – and many grandchildren and even great-grandchildren. Sign in. Home News Entertainment Lifestyle Sport. All Football.

New Duck Dynasty album features ‘Uncle Si’ Robertson, family from Madison

Discovered by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio is streamed directly from their servers. People love us! User reviews “Love the offline function” “This is “the” way to handle your podcast subscriptions. It’s also a great way to discover new podcasts. Al’s son-in-law Jay Stone finally makes his Unashamed debut and reveals the real story of how he ended up hitched to Anna.

He also describes how Phil was to blame for the only argument he’s ever had with his wife.

Si Robertson, Willie Robertson, Jase Robertson, and Phil Robertson in Duck Dynasty,

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Sadie Robertson’s Dating Advice To Remain A Virgin

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